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The College Application Handbook

Introducing the first edition of El Cerrito High School's College Application Handbook. This comprehensive guide provides information, advice and resources to help make the application and admission process more accessible to students and families. Find the handbook in the Counseling menu above or click the link in the sidebar. Continue Reading→

Principal's Message: Week of April 13th

Starting this week, 10th and 11th graders will be taking the CST and SBAC exams. 10th graders will take the Life Science exam on Wednesday, April 16th, and 11th graders will take the Math exam on Tuesday, April 15th, and the English exam on Thursday, April 17th. All CST exams will take place during blocks one and two before lunch. If your student is a 10th or 11th grader, they need to make sure they arrive at 8:05 am on their testing days. This means that students who normally have block one free will need to come to school for block one on Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday of this week depending on their grade level.

There will be lists posted around the school on Monday letting students know where they will be testing. Please look at these lists on Monday so you know ahead of time where to go for testing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday. Also, every teacher and staff member on campus will have a copy of the testing room lists on testing days. Please do not hesitate to ask an adult for assistance.

All 11th grade students at ECHS will be taking the SBAC test either during their history class or during blocks 2 or 3 starting April 21st.  More information regarding SBAC testing will be communicated to 11th graders and their families next week.  If you have any questions regarding State testing please contact Assistant Principal Winn at extension 11564.

This Saturday night is the Junior/Senior Prom at Hs Lordships in Berkeley.  We are looking forward to an elegant and memorable evening.  We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for students to be safe and sober for this event.  Families, please coordinate with your student and their friends regarding transportation for the event and what your student will be doing after the event.

The last U.S.C. parent meeting of the year is this Thursday, April 17th from 6:30-8:30 pm in the library. All U.S.C. students are required to attend. U.S.C. parents are also encouraged to attend. Food and beverages will be served.

The deadline to sign up for AP Testing at the original cost of $89 and $13 for students on Free and Reduced Lunch is Thursday, April 18th.

ECHS is proud to announce the launch of its first-ever College Application Handbook!!!!  The handbook can be downloaded as a PDF on the school’s website.  This guide offers synthesized information, helpful tips, and key resources to help ECHS students and families of all grade levels navigate the complex college application process.  The production of this resource would not have happened without the hard work and dedication of parent volunteer Leslie Cohen.

The class of 2014 will be graduating on Saturday, June 7th at 12:30pm at the Richmond Convention Center.


— Principal Luongo

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