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The 2nd Edition of the College Application Handbook

ECHS is proud to announce that the second edition of the El Cerrito High School's College Application Handbook 2015 is now available for viewing and download! This comprehensive guide provides information, advice and resources to help make the college application and admission process more accessible to students and families. Find the handbook in the Counseling menu above or click the link in the sidebar. This edition includes updated information and new sections and resources. Continue Reading→

Principal’s Message: Week of August 30

I am so proud to be the principal of El Cerrito High School. Each year I am here, I feel like school opens with more students and staff working together to support one another to ensure as many of us as possible have a positive start to the school year. I know it is not a perfect process, but your patience and ongoing support for one another is genuinely appreciated.

I would like to recognize our counseling team made up of Assistant Principal Eirvin, and counselors Ms. Rios, Ms. Ng and Ms. Campos who have done an incredible job with scheduling. Their time and effort over the last few weeks has been priceless. At this point we are putting some finishing touches on student schedules and balancing classes, but the heavy lifting is done. This was even with Powerschool being down nationally for over 24 hours last week.

All students are expected to have ID’s at all times on campus.  We will be working to ensure every student has an ID this week.  Students without ID’s this week will be strategically pulled from classes to help acquire ID’s.  Students can also obtain ID’s during lunch, during free periods and after school from the attendance office.  Five dollar replacement ID’s will be made for students that need an additional ID printed throughout the year.

Fall sports are underway and our students love your support when you come out to watch our games and matches.  Please check out the schedules for cross country, girls volleyball, girls tennis and football on the ECHS website.  Good luck to all of our student athletes as they maintain high academic standards and represent ECHS with honor.

Finally, please don’t forget that Monday, September 7th is Labor Day so there will not be any school on September 7th.

Please remember that the staff parking lot off of Eureka is not a drop off and pick up area for students. Only staff vehicles are permitted in the Eureka parking lot.

We are looking forward to you being part of the Gaucho community this year. Please remember how important it is to stay on top of your work and assignments from day 1, be confident in who you are as an individual, and treat all of your Gaucho family with love and respect.

If you need support with making a scheduling change please be aware of the following:

  2. If you are requesting to drop an Advanced Placement class we will need to confirm with a
  3. parent/guardian first.
  4. Requests to change electives will be minimal as space is limited.
  5. Be advised that filling out this request does not guarantee that your schedule change request will be accommodated.
  6. Finalized schedules will be provided on the first day of school, but feel free to check your Powerschool account starting the week of August 17th.

If you are ready to make a schedule change request please go to the following link (you may need to cut and paste the link) and complete all of the requested information:


Did you know that your student may be eligible to receive FREE dental services at our school health center, the James Morehouse Project? Services include dental exams, cleanings, x-rays and fillings and are provided by Contra Costa Health Services. If you would like your student to receive dental services at the JMP, please call Luisa Arguello-Mendoza at 510-965-5313. That phone number is 510-965-5313, or have your student contact the JMP directly for more information.

I would like to remind everyone of a couple of important school policies.  Students should have ID’s with them at all times.  ID’s not only help support the safety of the campus, but they are also required in the cafeteria for students to receive free and reduced lunch.  It is also important to remember that El Cerrito High School has a closed campus policy so at no point should a student leave campus during the school day without being signed out of the main office.  This also means that students are not allowed to leave campus during lunch.  Please remind your student of these policies as we would like to avoid students missing instructional time for not meeting these expectations.

Please help keep our school and community looking beautiful by not leaving trash laying around on campus or when you are walking through the community.  We are extremely fortunate to have such a beautiful facility, but it takes all of us working together to ensure it stays that way.

Principal Luongo

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